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Roop Singh - The Storyteller with a Difference

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Roop Singh is often discribed as a charasmatic and entertaining Sikh raconteur by many teachers and pupils.  His distinct appearance complements his unique style that exudes a charisma which rivets audiences of all ages to his stories and descriptions of Sikh life and customs. In fact his storytelling is so compelling that he's capable of telling stories in Punjabi to a non-Punjabi audience and not only do they enjoy it - they understand it!!

Roop Singh discovered his talent for storytelling over 15 years ago. He recalls,                                                                       "As a school boy I was often bullied and victimised for wearing a Turban. Even today I still believe it was mainly due to ignorance. In those days there wasn't alot of multicultural education or resources and certainly wasn't apart of the National Curriculam. It has always been my aim to help others understand my beliefs and my way of life. So when I was invited into a school to help promote a 'cultural celebration day' I grasped it with both hands. I soon found myself relating stories from the Sikh world to captivated audiences. There was no hard sell no admonishment - just stories."

The teachers were so thrilled they asked Roop Singh back and told him that his brand of storytelling should happen in all schools. It wasn't long before his name was passed around and it basically snowballed from there. Now, Roop Singh spend his time visiting schools all over the country and has been visiting schools in Europe, New Zealand and America.

Roop Singh's workshops help pupils of all ages to understand other cultures and transform their own experiences into lively exciting stories.  He also provides sessions in Sikh Awareness, Dance and Drama and INSET.

" He's a brilliant very amusing raconteur. He captivated the children with stories about honesty and humility " Sheila Queen, Deputy Head, Pollockshields Primary School, Glasgow.

" He had the children absolutely enthralled. He proved to be a natural showman and entertainer and a natural teacher.

" Ian Rothery, Deputy Head, Selby High School.

" Roop Singh is cheerful with happiness and filled with joy. " Y5 pupil, North Yorkshire School.

Roop Singh
Roop Singh - The Storyteller with a Difference!!

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